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Riding TRAX and Frontrunner

06 August 2010
Sparrow and I decided to spend the night at my grandma's house. She lives in Ogden, which is about an hour from where we are. We usually drive, but since my mom was also going to be staying with grandma, we decided to ride public transportation up to Ogden and then drive home with my mom the next day.

The first leg of our journey was on TRAX, which is a lightrail system. Kinda like the Metro in Paris, or some sections of the Tube in England.

Here we are on the way to the station.

In front of the TRAX train.

Our train left at 12:30, so we brought Wendy's with us. Apparently you're not supposed to eat or drink on the TRAX trains. Whoever made that rule up has never had a hungry two year old.

After no small amount of nervousness, we made it to the Salt Lake Central station and transferred to the Frontrunner train. Our TRAX driver almost hit a moron who decided to walk on the TRAX rails, but we stopped in time. Earlier that day, a two year old fell in front of the TRAX train and was caught between the train and the platform. He was miraculously just fine. I was worried that Hawk would think it was Sparrow because no names were released and the news just said it was a two year old boy and his mother, but Hawk had no idea. Nice to know he's up to date on current events. Or something.

Ignore my shiny face. Have I mentioned it's been in the high 90s here lately? And that I was carrying a two year old and his backpack and fleece blanket and my backpack? And it was 1:30? Bleh.

Finally we arrived at the Ogden Station. These horses are everywhere in Ogden, I am not sure why. Ogdenites are weird. I can say that, because I was one. Anyway, the horses are everywhere and they are each decorated with a different scene. We just happened to get the ugly baseball horse.

My mom and grandma picked us up at this sign and we were off to play.

We'll definitely ride the TRAX/Frontrunner again soon! We had a blast and it was really cheap. Kids under 5 ride free, and it was $2.50 for a 2 hour TRAX pass and $2 for a ticket on the Frontrunner from Salt Lake Central to Ogden stations.

3 comments to Riding TRAX and Frontrunner:

Stephanie said...

Looks like fun! I love Toby's Stitch backpack! Oh and I did hear about the 2-year-old that fell; I worried all day that it was Toby! So glad it wasn't!

Nisha said...

That looks like such a fun adventure. Now I wish I had someone up North to visit!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!

That boy is just so stinkin' cute.

And all of the women in your family appear to be beautiful -- from your grandmother to your mother to you!