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Greeting cards

15 September 2010
Today I was searching for a few greeting cards for upcoming birthdays. I wanted something funny, awesome, and appropriate for the vast (vast, VAST!) age ranges I was buying cards for.

I am shocked and appalled at the downright disgusting images and jokes I read in the search for a decent card. As I looked for a good card to send my dad, I was able to scan most of the cards just on the outside and could tell how nasty and inappropriate it was. On one card, there was a cartoon of a naked woman ON THE OUTSIDE of the card! In plain sight, where my son and any other person walking by could see it.

I had no idea that people thought bathroom humor was an appropriate message to send someone on the day of their birth. One of the cards I saw started out nicely saying "Thanks Dad for the things you taught us," and then followed up with three or four nasty jokes and horrible accompanying drawings. It seemed that if the card-receiver was over the age of 10, the greeting card industry has no problem with cards with curse words, gross out humor, and in some instances pornography.

This is disgusting and I am really disappointed. Who makes up this stuff? Who writes these things and why are we buying them? I can only assume people do buy cards like this, judging from the amount of wading through crap I had to do today.

In the end I was able to find two cards that I felt expressed what I wanted to say in a tasteful manner. I honestly felt sick after leaving the store, knowing that some of those words and images are going to be stored in my brain forever. Yuck. A thought that just came to me is that I still supported the "bad guys" card people, just from buying cards that come from their company. Well, no more. I refuse to patronize businesses like this.

Shame on you, greeting card industry.

(I would tell you which company was the worst at this, but I don't want to stir up any interest in their products.)

5 comments to Greeting cards:

jenontheedge.com said...

What a shame.

I usually buy cards from Etsy, as I can always find cute stuff that's not offensive.

I also adore the cards at Weehah.com -- VERY cute!

ButtonGear said...

We MAKE most of our own cards. Thank You, Microsoft Publisher!

bricolorful said...

That's too bad! I'm really bad at giving cards. I'm the kind of person who just folds a peice of wrapping paper, scribbles happy birthday on the inside, and tapes it to the present. Horrible I know. My aunts on the other hand are really crafty and make their own. They're always so beautiful. I bet you could find people in your ward who do the same and offer to buy them off them. . . . or maybe you're crafty yourself. :)

K La said...

I also suck at buying cards. Mostly I just make my own. Now I'm glad I haven't gone wading through that crap.

So, someone told me to save all the cards you're given, cut off the front flap so it's just a piece of cuteness, and then write your personal message on the back, stick it in an envelope or mail it as a postcard.

I've never tried it, but it makes sense.

Sharon Cohen said...

I make my own cards on Zazzle. I sell a line of cards for husbands because they really get the short end of the stick - as you attest. I couldn't tolerate the messages that aren't respectful. Let me know if there's is something you'd like.

I use artwork and photographs that appeal to men AND are decent - sports, cars, tools, jeans, paintings of boats and harbors, photos of architecture, etc.