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Round Two

20 September 2010
Remember how in March we did battle with the fire alarms?

Last night we battled again. And this time, WE were victorious.

This time, when the beeping started, I happened to stare for a moment at the fire alarm in our hallway. It was blinking green, green, red. I checked the alarm in our bedroom. Green, green, green. AH HA. So we ripped the hallway one off the ceiling and waited. Sure enough, it beeped. But it's the only one that beeped. So we took the battery out and flung the fire alarm into the closet under a pile of clothes, where it sits awaiting fresh batteries.

There were no more incidents. Booyah.

Although I still don't understand why the darn things insist on going off at 3 in the morning.

4 comments to Round Two:

Stephanie said...


Bethany said...

I HATE fire alarms! We had the same thing happen a few times since we moved here, but yours was worse. Glad you defeated them!!!

P.S. My word verification was re-fun. Ha.

TopHat said...

I took the batteries out of ours a couple of weeks ago. It was going off because we were boiling water... Um. Yeah.

ButtonGear said...

I have a theory about the 3:00 Am thing ...

I think it has to do with a temperature gradient or something. Some triggering layer of dust particles (or something similar) rises or settles into a position where it can trigger the sensor (which must be hair-trigger sensitive due to the low battery).

Yea ... we're veterans of the false alarm too. We actually get the steam bath trigger more often though, since one of our smoke detectors is RIGHT outside a bathroom; one steamy shower later ... FWEEEP FWEEEP FWEEEP FWEEEP FWEEEP FWEEEP

But thanks for the reminder; it's time to go through the batteries and replace.