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Why I am not ready

06 September 2010
I can't leave this little booger!

Isn't he handsome in his new church clothes?

Here's the handsome beastie in time-out.

This is my mom, Toby's Nana. She just graduated with her doctorate. We are so impressed and proud of Dr. Nana! (Isn't she beautiful? She looks like she's 20. People are always shocked that she's a grandma.)

It's my EYE!

See? I am much too immature to go to college right now :)

4 comments to Why I am not ready:

De Anne said...

Toby has turned into the quite the cute young man! He is getting so big!

PS, you have amazing eye lashes!

K La said...

AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Head asplode with cuteness!

Your eye is awesome. you should zoom in real tight. that picture is epic.

Bethany said...

That is definitely a handsome beastie. No wonder it's hard to leave him! :)

Nisha said...

Congrats to Nana. Toby is so handsome!