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Halloween thoughts

31 October 2010
I returned from California in one piece and my boys were also alive. Now I am re-adjusting to reality. I could have used more vacation time :P

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. I loved dressing up and all the scary creepy things - decorations, spooky parties, and especially going to haunted houses. Oh how I loved haunted houses. This year has been disappointing though.

See, everyone we've come in contact with over the last couple of weeks has asked Sparrow two questions: "what are you going to be for Halloween?" and "are you going to get lots of candy?" All Sparrow hears is "candy," so he starts freaking out and begging for candy and screaming when he doesn't get any and obsessing over it and it's just been a nightmare. We've gone to 3 Halloween parties and they aren't any fun because Sparrow freaks when we don't let him have more than a few pieces. And then of course Hawk and I eat too much as well.

I'm also bummed about costumes. When I was a kid, it seemed that 90% of costumes were home-made. Now almost all costumes are bought, and they're just not as awesome! I admit, I've bought Sparrow's costumes for the last two years. Last year he was a dragon and this year he was the Cat in the Hat (I got his costume off eBay though.) his first Halloween, he was a pumpkin and I knit his little pumpkin hat and it was really cute. Also, most of the costumes now are either gory, really scary, or immodest. I'm not a fan of that for little boys. I'm not a fan of 3 year olds wearing masks either (a kid in our music class had on a superhero costume complete with mask the other day, ugh.)

I'm totally cool if Sparrow decides he wants to be a Jedi and dress up like one, but I'm not really okay if he wants to be Spiderman or Ironman or whatever. I think the difference is, Jedi are peaceful monk-like characters (at least how I see them, and I do a lot of Star Wars reading because the whole idea of growing up in the Jedi Temple basically is the best thing ever). Also, they don't wear masks. And they promote peace and service wherever they go. I don't really get that vibe with most superheroes, most of them have selfish aims somewhere in their little brains.

We didn't take Sparrow trick or treating last night (in Utah most Halloween festivities were yesterday so as not to interfere with Sunday) and we won't take him tonight. We have one more party to attend, a family party tonight with dinner so it's not all junk food, and then we'll be done. Phew. I don't know how we'll be celebrating Halloween in the years to come, but I do know we will be much more picky about activities we attend and candy we expose the little one to. Because let's face it, sugar detoxing is not something any of us really enjoy, is it?

On a side note, if I lived in California I would totally take Sparrow trick or treating at Disneyland. It's $40 and lasts from 6-10 p.m., and all the characters and rides are done up in Halloween stuff plus you can ride stuff and it just looked like a ton of fun. When I was in Disneyland on Tuesday, we didn't stay for the trick-or-treating but it sure was fun to see all the people dressed up, because 95% of those costumes were very family friendly.

Also, this year Sparrow is the Cat in the Hat and Hawk and I are Thing 1 and Thing 2. Easiest costumes ever - we have on red sweats and taped a circular piece of paper with THING 1 or THING 2 cut out on our chests. Ta da!

Here's Sparrow in 2008 for his first Halloween:






4 comments to Halloween thoughts:

K La said...

It used to be that adult women couldn't buy their cosume because the store bought ones were too...skanky. Now that's what it like for teenage girls, yet they still buy their costumes. I was surprised that last night at our LDS party, all the girsl were in store bought costumes that had one thing in common: Puffy SHORT skirts. All of them. It didn;t matter if you were a pirate, a punk, Alice, a bee, a witch...all the costumes were short dresses. WHat the??

Nisha said...

He's SO cute as Cat in the Hat! I love it!!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I love the Cat in the Hat theme.

I hate to tell you this, but for the next couple of years, he's probably going to want to be a superhero for Halloween. That's pretty much what most boys do from ages 3-6, while girls tend to want to be Disney princesses.

Mrs. Small House said...

This sounded just like the conversation my husband and I had Halloween .