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Leavin' on a jet plane

22 October 2010
Today I am escaping my little family for a weekend. You'd think I'd be thrilled at the prospect - no changing diapers! No tantrums! No diaper bag! But instead, my internal dialogue is going like this: no snuggles! No surprise "I love you Mommy"'s! No walking with Sparrow and him reaching for my hand. WAAAAAAH!!!!

And I'm a little concerned about leaving my boys alone. I am sure they will be fine, but a little part of my brain is worried about coming home to a feral, half starved child and a husband who has died of overexposure to toddler.

I'm going to California to hang out with my two bestest friends, Owly and Dove. Two nights with Owly, two nights with Dove, one day at Disneyland with both of them, and then home. It will be lots of fun.

I just hope the house is still standing when I return! Time for me to PARTY ON!

4 comments to Leavin' on a jet plane:

Mrs. Small House said...

I swear that's how my family is if I'm gone for more than 4 hours. My husband is convinced that my time away is what's making him go bald.
Enjoy your trip! Sounds like fun!

FluffyChicky said...

I am jealous that you get to abandon your family for a week of debauchery. Ride the Tower of Terror a couple of times for me, OK?

Bethany said...

Have a GREAT time! You definitely deserve a little time to yourself, so as hard as it is, try to focus on being with your friends and making great memories. :) They'll be fine at home.

And enjoy the sunshine!!!!

K La said...


Yeah, As I've been planning this trip, I keep thinking how sad it will be to be away from my LO. I'm looking forward to the day when she's old enough to take her to Disneyland just the two of us.