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Potty training

12 October 2010
I was going to wait to train Sparrow until he was at least 3. He hasn't been too interested, but he does like to flush the toilet when I have gone and sits on his own potty chair occasionally.

He's asked to go sit on the potty a few times and twice has pooped in it, for which he got M&Ms. Most of the time, as soon as he messes his diaper he asks for a diaper change and he's pretty good about asking for a change if he's just wet, but I don't think he gets wet as well as he does messy.

Tonight he was begging to go potty, so I had Hawk take him but he didn't produce anything. Sparrow has been begging to wear big boy underpants all day.

Gulp. I think we are going to start potty training tomorrow. I'm not ready for this, but I think he is. Yikes! Keep your fingers (or your legs, whatever) crossed for us!

3 comments to Potty training:

jenontheedge.com said...

Good luck. If you want advice from someone who's been through it a couple times, email me and I'll send you my mother's guaranteed potty training plan.

Faiver and Andrea said...

Awesome! Good luck :)

Kiera said...

Hello Sweetie,
I just wanted to wish you luck on the potty training adventure. I know you will do a great job. Also, I was hoping you got my message on facebook. Much love and I miss ya!