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18 October 2010
I got nothin' to say (or show, really) on the potty front. Sparrow's decided to take it slow and so have we. Because I am lazy. He's pretty good about telling us when he's getting ready to #2, but #1 he has nooo idea. And that was a lot of nothin' for someone who has nothin' to say.

We went to a pumpkin patch at the beginning of the month. This is my lazy blog post with mostly just pictures.





3 comments to Pumpkins:

Bethany said...

I can see why those people wanted to buy him. He is sooo cute! And definitely has the "look." I'd buy diapers from him! :)

Stephanie said...

He has a huge bruise on his forehead! Have you been beating him again? :) He's so cute Kris! I can't wait to come and play with you guys!

Mrs. Small House said...

I just browsed your blog; we totally could be friends. My 2 year old would love it! :)