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Room re-do

02 October 2010
Sparrow's room was decorated in a cute blue and yellow star theme. I loved it. But he grew up way too stinkin' fast, and the room just seemed outdated for him. So I decided to re-do his room with cars, which are his big love of the moment. Ugh. I hate cars. I tried keeping him away from anything resembling a toy car for the first 15 months of his life. It didn't work. He loves the stupid things. Ugh ugh ugh.

I mean, oh yay, cars!

There were lots of really cute car quilts, especially from Target, which is where most of the decor comes from. In fact, I even bought the quilt they had, but then I found one from Sears for $20 as compared to Target's $60. Um, that's $40 I could be spending on other stuff. Like, ice cream. So I went with Sears. An added bonus is that this quilt is neutral enough that if Sparrow decides he hates cars (please) we can change his room easily.

All told I spent about $100 total on the whole thing. I tried to keep it as cheap as possible, while still making it cute and fun and stylin', and also avoiding anything with licensed characters like the plague. Which is a lot harder than it sounds. Try searching for "Car bedding" and see what comes up. Stupid Cars movie.


I snapped these pictures while the room was clean - it lasted about 15 seconds. The car nightlight on the wall is from Circo/Target and frankly, it sucks. It sucks hard. Circo needs to contact IKEA and figure out how to make awesome wall lamps/nightlights, because this thing is useless at best.


The pictures I got off eBay, and the frames are junky $3 ones but they look all right. If I'd gone with the Target collection the art would have cost upwards of $60 alone, this way it was only about $20.

This is the little reading nook. I am going to add a Pottery Barn style bookshelf soon, maybe for Christmas.

I thought about doing a lamp on the headboard, but figured Sparrow would think it was a toy and cause a fire. I also considered simple curtains, but either Sparrow or the cats would try to climb them. He has a set of cotton sheets and yesterday I splurged and bought a set of flannel sheets in the same style. I assume that someday, winter will arrive. I am hoping Autumn decides to visit for a few days first though.


2 comments to Room re-do:

De Anne said...

SUPER cute! Smart choice on the comforter. LOVE the sheets. Looks the perfect little guy room.

jenontheedge.com said...

That is so cute! And way to go on keeping prices down!