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This is an awesome site.

11 October 2010
Have you heard yet of Groupon.com? I LOVE this website. You tell it what city you live near, and every day there is a different deal available. Let's be honest, I don't buy many of their deals, but the ones I do get are awesome!

I got $80 worth of yoga classes for $20. I got a $100 car check-up for $25. I have a month of unlimited activities and classes at Gymboree Play and Music for $20 plus a waived enrollment fee if I decide to sign up after my month is over. I got a $20 Halloween River Cruise for $7. I mean come on, that is a ton of money I saved!

To sign up, you just go to here and enter in your email address and a password. Then select the area you live in/near, and ta da! Every day you will get a new email with a different deal. If you don't want to receive a daily email you can disable it and just check the site, but I highly recommend the email just in case you forget to check it one day and miss something great. (Yes, I have done this and kicked myself for it many times.)

Okay seriously, go check it out!

2 comments to This is an awesome site.:

Nisha said...

Interesting. I've seen "Groupon" on plenty of sites, but never really looked into it.

Timbra Wiist said...

i have livingsocial and just started with babysteals and kidsteals last week, my sister has been after me to get groupon, which i just accidentally hit an ad for today and am now enrolled. . . great, now i'm going to start spending money i wouldn't have otherwise just because i'm "saving" money by doing so. . . i hope i can control myself! . . PS. . . alani doesn't know a lot of spanish, a few words from dora and counting to 10, she's really interested, but mostly i'm just trying some dvds and cds and such right now. the full immersion preschool was recommended to us, but we are planning to homeschool and we can't afford preschool and i don't think, even for a love of spanish, she'd want to be gone for 15 hrs/week from us. . . . but she'd love to learn some new words, so if you have them, share them with her! (pardon the novel)