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06 November 2010
It is my birthday today. I was born 24 years ago. Wow. That is a long time to think about. My mom says I was born during the only good TV show during the 80s (The Cosby Show.) She should have known then what she was getting herself into, mwahaha.

I don't really like birthdays because I feel like most of my time has been wasted. No matter what I do, I feel that way. I got my associate's degree when I was 17 and when I turned 18 I felt like my whole life had been a waste and I had accomplished nothing.

I am setting 25 small goals this year. This will be the Year of Kestrel. I need to focus on getting myself healthy, on getting some baggage cleaned out, and you know other general stuff. I'll keep you posted on the goals. In the meantime,

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me!
It is my birthday!
Happy birthday to me!

(PS You know what the best present I got was? This morning, I tried on a shirt I bought 2 years ago that has always been too small for me. It fit, and I looked great. I wore it with pride all day. I have lost 20 lbs since my 23rd birthday. Not a huge amount, but it's a sustainable one. Woot!)

3 comments to 24:

TopHat said...

Congrats on the shirt fitting! The slow weight loss is the weight loss that will stay! And have a wonderful 25th year. Happy Birthday!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

First of all, happy birthday.

Second of all, congrats on losing 20 pounds. That's major!

Finally, your life has not been wasted and I'm sorry that you feel that way. Just look at your happy marriage and adorable son as two great things you've done!

Karen said...

Happy birthday! I do wish I could have "met" you last week at the concert! I hope you have a wonderful year and don't be too hard on yourself about your accomplishments - that's just what Satan loves - for us to feel discouraged with our slow progression! I'd say "slow and steady wins the race" except it's not even a race at all - it's a gift and everyday we get a new chance to treasure it! Have a wonderful 25th year!