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Letter to Natural Health Magazine

19 November 2010
Dear Natural Health Magazine,

I would love to renew my subscription to your magazine. I enjoy reading your articles and find the information you present relevant to my daily life and informative as well as engaging.

However, for the last few issues there has been a full-page advertisement in your magazine that is pornographic and inappropriate.

At first, I thought it was a one-time thing, and that surely you wouldn't reprint that ad or any like it again. I was highly disappointed to find that I was wrong.

Natural Health is a magazine I used to keep on my coffee table to flip through. I can no longer do that for fear my young son will try to look at the pictures and come across this disgusting page.

I used to pass my copy of the magazine along to several friends and relative, including my own grandmother. After the inclusion of this lewd advertisement, I have felt unable to do so. And while I had considered buying magazine subscriptions for several friends as Christmas gifts, the continued presence of pornography in your magazine has turned me OFF.

If in the future you decide to keep your advertisements G or even PG rated, then I would be happy to re-subscribe to Natural Health. Until then, it is with regret and a little anger that I will not be renewing my subscription.


3 comments to Letter to Natural Health Magazine:

Leah said...

So... I really have a hard time believing that a magazine is printing pornography. What exactly is it an ad for, and what is pictured?

Seriously. From the looks of their website, this magazine is no Playboy.

K La said...

You should send it in. You need to be heard!

Kestrel said...

I did send it in. Without the Jerkfaces part.

Leah, I believe it's an ad for a how-to pleasure everyone including yourself. From what I remember (I only read it the first time it came out, and then have just checked the issues to see if it's still there since then) it's got extremely graphic language, a couple of fabulous black and white images, and a very explicit color picture of a couple gettin' it on with the girl wearing a bikini top about 20 sizes too small. It's just yuck and I don't think it should be in a magazine without some kind of warning, sheesh. The first time it happened I thought it was a mistake because seriously, this magazine is awesome. I really do regret not being able to renew my subscription, but I can't support stuff like that.