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What have I done???

03 November 2010
Oh crap. Okay, see, Sparrow's hair is SO curly that the back gets matted into tangled snarls very quickly. There is no stopping it. I have tried everything. The only thing that works is getting him a haircut. Yesterday I decided I didn't want to pay $20 for his haircut (they charge $10 but I always tip them $10 because they are SO patient and good with my squirmy nerdbird) so I pulled out the buzzers and prayed.

I didn't pray hard enough.



Holy crap, his grandmothers (he has 6) are going to kill me. Dead.

I hope it grows back to Cute-ness by Christmas. Still though, his hair was so matted this time that only the number 3 buzzer would even touch it enough for it to untangle. I inspected some matted locks close up after he was done being...gulp....shaven, and it seriously looks like he sleeps in gum. Weird. And annoying.

This may be my last post ever. Nana is coming to visit this afternoon. I have to go find Sparrow a hat...

5 comments to What have I done???:

Bethany said...

I know, it's sad, but he's still super cute!! I will pray that you will remain alive to post another day. :)

jenontheedge.com said...

I think it is seriously cute. I'm not saying that because I'm trying to make you feel better -- I really believe that it's adorable. I love it when little boys have short hair.

Mrs. Small House said...

Those curls were adorable, but he looks just fine now. Around here that's what we call a missionary haircut.

bricolorful said...

He looks cute! Mission ready.

K La said...

giggle giggle