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Why I love Shutterfly

04 November 2010
Previously I have used Shutterfly for their scrapbooks. Their product quality is a great deal for the price, and the ease of putting my scrapbook together using their system can't be beat. Seriously, I've tried.

It's getting close to Christmas, and I've been thinking I have to start getting ready to make some Christmas cards. I don't really want to get store-bought ones, because usually ones you get at Target or Walmart are boring and/or lame. Enter Shutterfly.

Their Christmas cards are so stinkin' cute! Look at this one! And this one! I love them. Also, this style rocks my socks because you can write your whole Christmas letter on the card itself! AWESOME.

As a side note, I send a lot of packages out during the course of the year and especially lots of mail during the holidays. It's a pain in the butt addressing 20 packages by hand, especially the return address. Shutterfly has adorable address labels that are perfect to save my sad little Sharpie - guess who's investing in bazillions of these little suckers?

If you're trying to think of a perfect Christmas present for your in-laws or your parents, making a Shutterfly photo calendar is a genius idea. I've never made one of these, but I have several friends who swear by their quality and usefulness. You can personalize and add anniversaries and birthdays so if someone forgets to send you a present, you can call them up and pretend to be upset, since they clearly have no excuse, what with your perfect calendar right there and all.

When Sparrow was born, I looked EVERYWHERE for baby announcements. I finally ended up making 20 by hand and it was a huge pain in the butt. Well guess what? Shutterfly has baby announcements-you just upload the picture, enter in the birth information and whatever else you want, and ta-da! Yeah, that could have come in handy 3 years ago. If I ever have another baby, or heck, adopt a kitten, I am totally using their birth announcements. They even have a "first birthday" announcement section. Too bad Sparrow is almost 3.

Anyway, I highly recommend Shutterfly. I really have tried Winkflash, MyPublisher and Snapfish, and Shutterfly is by far the best book for the best price. Now I have to go get some holiday pictures taken, so I can order me some of these cards!

This post brought to you by Shutterfly's holiday card promotion, where bloggers review Shutterfly's holiday cards and receive 50 free cards. I learned of this program from Chocolate on my Cranium, so you can blame her for everything.

1 comments to Why I love Shutterfly:

jenontheedge.com said...

I ordered our Christmas cards from Shutterfly and they were delivered yesterday (only four days after I placed the order). They're so cute! I also always make calendars on Shutterfly every year and can't wait to get the delivery for the new ones.