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A wagon ride

27 June 2010
I took Sparrow on a 3 mile wagon ride the other day. The next day I could hardly move, but it was fun on the trail. We've done it again since then and I am getting a bit more in shape, phew!

This is the beginning of the trip. We both had on sunscreen, but I missed spots on myself and so I got a hefty burn. Bummer.

Sparrow and the cargo: his drink, my waterbottle, my iPod with speakers (playing some country album I downloaded on a whim), a car or two, my notebook with grocery list, and a waffle.

I picked Sparrow a few of the weeds/flowers to teach him about colors and stuff. He tasted this one. The other ones, he looked at for a few seconds and dropped. And I got viciously stabbed by some kind of white lily looking flower. Rude.

It was a good trip. We walked from our house to the grocery store near Hawk's work. We ate lunch with Hawk and then got groceries, and then drove the car home. I canceled my gym membership, so I gotta get exercise in somehow and this seems like a good enough way to do it. Unless I get burned again, and then I'm just going to hibernate all summer.

Antigravity Yoga

20 June 2010
So there is this amazing form of yoga called antigravity yoga. It's basically doing yoga in a hammock. Now, I am not the skinniest sister on the block, but I feel totally safe and supported in the hammock. (At my size, that's a big deal.) I can't do all the yoga poses, some because I'm just not strong enough and some because it would cause problems with my body, but I can do a lot. I have gone to classes about 6 times, and every time I see some sort of improvement. This last time, I was able to do the wheelbarrow position - you get your ankles trapped in the hammock and support yourself on your arms, keeping your body straight like a plank, and then you do crunches. Holy Canada, it's hard, but boy do I feel strong now!

Of course yesterday I could hardly move for soreness.

Anyway, it was only a couple of classes ago that I was able to do an inversion for the first time. I am still so proud of myself for finally getting brave enough to try it.

There is nothing in the world like antigravity yoga. It is amazing. I would do it every day if I could - and someday, I want to build a house with a hammock in the basement so I can! Sparrow and I are starting a Parent/Child class on Monday and we are both so excited. If you are in the Salt lake area (or heck, even just in Utah - it's worth a long drive!) come to Imagination Place on 3300 S in Salt Lake, and we'll hang out. Ha ha. But no really, you should try this!





What an awesome day!

10 June 2010
Hi everyone, Sparrow here.


I know I don't look super happy in this picture, but boy, I just had the best day ever in my whole life!

Mommy came in this morning and we got straight in the shower. Mommy let me play with the water for a little while as she got dressed, and then it was my turn to get dressed. I have new red plaid shorts and an awesome new red shirt. It has the British flag and it says ENGLAND on it. Mommy says it's the best shirt ever.

Then we went downstairs, and do you know who was waiting for me?

My NANA!!!


I was SO excited! And THEN, do you know what happened? Mommy got all my stuff packed up, and we went to Nana's car!!! I LOVE Nana's car. It's my favorite car in the whole world. And I got to ride in it!

Nana took Mommy and me to our weekly Music Together class! My teacher was there, and my friends J. and A. were there, and I got to run around and sing songs. And Nana sang songs with me. AND, today we got to play drums, and instruments, and shakers! I sang a song with a chorus line of "Let's go find him," and I ran around the room yelling "Go and find him! Go find him!," and Mommy and Nana laughed. I had a great time.

After music class, Mommy took Nana and me to the pet store and we saw the cute puppies, birds, bunnies and fishes. My favorite are the fishes. Mommy held a parrot and let me touch it. I didn't like it very much.

We got back in Nana's car (Nana's car!!!!) and went to Payless Shoes. Mommy and Nana didn't find any shoes for them, but Nana bought me really neat new sandals. They have cars on them, and they light up! Then I got to get some sunglasses and I look way cool in them, dude.

We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant and I got a yummy quesadilla and horchata to drink. I loved the salsa too, I kept calling it soup!

After we ate, we went to ShopKo and Mommy and Nana found shoes for themselves. Mommy got some pretty new shirts that Nana bought for her. Mommy was so grateful and happy. Nana bought me a bucket hat so I don't get sunburned this summer.

Then we went to Sam's and Mommy bought me diapers (boring!), but after that we brought Nana to our house and showed her some new clothes Mommy got for me yesterday. Mommy says she was going to make cutoff shorts for me, but she decided it was easier and cheaper and faster to just buy some. My favorite is a pair of khaki shorts with white turtles on them. I showed Nana my new Radio Flyer wagon. Mommy and me took a three mile (1 hour) walk on Tuesday and I rode in the wagon the whole way - it was AWESOME!

Then Nana had to go, so I gave her a kiss goodbye. Now it is time for my nap. I will probably see Nana later again today because Mommy left her phone in Nana's car. Oops!

Wow, what an awesome day! I hope I can hang out with Nana (and her car!!!) again real soon!!

Welcome to my home

03 June 2010
When we first moved to Utah, we lived in a dark, dreary apartment under some very VERY loud drunken stompers. Hawk and I didn't realize how depressed we were there until we finally got out. There was no natural light in our apartment, it was very small and cramped, there was a major street just outside our door, and it was loud. We hated it. We lived there for a year, and barely survived. On May 31 of last year, we got the keys to our townhome. We signed a year lease. I don't think there has been a single day in that year that I have not woken up and been grateful and happy to live here. Every day I search my soul and just feel peace about my home. The rent is a little steep, and we aren't within walking distance to anything, but I love our quiet neighborhood, I love the church we go to, and I love our home. Sparrow and Hawk love our home too.

Yesterday we renewed our lease for another year. We had considered moving to Provo since I am going to school there in August, and rent is soooo much cheaper and there's plenty of things within walking distance there. But every time we thought about packing and moving... it hurt. So we are here for another year, and I am ecstatic! We have lived here for one year and three days - and it's the longest we've ever lived in one place since we got married in December 2006. We've set a record!

To celebrate my home, won't you come on a photo intensive tour with me? I considered cleaning before I took these pictures, but decided that then I wouldn't be an authentic blogger. So this is what my house normally looks like on a day-to-day basis, although usually with less clutter on our kitchen counter because it drives me nuts.

This is our home. You can't see it very well, but I put vinyl lettering on our door that says "Peace be unto this house." Or something like that.

This is what you see from our front door.

A close-up of my fireplace/mantle area.

My messy kitchen area. I really like how the kitchen and living room are all one big room. It's nice to cook while Sparrow plays in full view.

Sparrow likes to sit at our table and point out the pictures of different family members.

This is one part of our view. On a clear day (this is not) you can see Salt Lake City, and even all the way up to Ben Lomond, a mountain in Ogden.

Let's go upstairs now.

Sparrow's room.

The other side of Sparrow's room. The empty picture frame is eventually going to have pictures of family in it; I just haven't gotten around to developing them yet.

The Master bedroom. Look - I didn't even do my laundry!

The other side of our room. We have a master bath that hooks on and a HUGE walk in closet. Our bathroom is smaller, but our shower is enormous.

Time to go all the way downstairs to our basement.

This is our laundry room and the cat's room. It's the biggest room in the house. What you don't see is the Rubbermaid storage boxes stacked two deep and four high on the left wall. We have all our food storage down here too - now that we are staying here for a year, we can fill our 55 gallon water storage bucket!

This is our family room. You can see Hawk's messy desk over there.

DSC02051And this is our entertainment area.

The basement closet which I converted into my sewing/craft room. I really like having my own space to keep all my crafty crap. A bathroom hooks onto this room, so I don't have to go upstairs all the time. I am nothing if not lazy.

And that's my house - probably more than you ever wanted to know about us too! Here's to another awesome year in our awesome home. And maybe here's to a slightly cleaner year as well :)