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30 Days of Truth: Catchup

27 January 2011
Day 18: What do you think of gay marriage? - I think marriage is ordained of God and should be between a man and a woman. Sorry. Well, I'm not really sorry. I have more I could say but it's very personal and I'm not into blogging it, so if you really want to know then email me and I'll tell you.

Day 19: What do you think of religion or politics? - I wish politics were less... boring. I mean, in all honesty I could make more of an effort to follow politics, but it seems so futile. Both sides of the political coin are crooked and two-faced, and following all the lies drives me crazy. Oh and it pisses (sorry I hate that word but it applies) me off when candidates start smear campaigns on each other. Oh how it makes me mad.

Day 20: Views on drugs and alcohol - Just say no. I was tempted to do hard drugs as a teenager, but wouldn't have known where to get any. I remember doing a search on eBay once. That didn't work. Alcohol is gross. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever tried in my entire life besides coffee. I didn't have enough to get drunk because I couldn't stand the nastiness of the stuff - it tastes like death! Why do you drink something that tastes like POISON!?

Day 21: I just got in a fight with my best friend and an hour later she's in a car accident. What do I do? - I go grovel at her bruised and scraped feet, that's what. I bring her boatloads of chocolate and sushi and remind myself to never take my friends for granted again. I would beat myself up for the whole experience too. As a child I would sit in terror every time my grandma left our house because I just knew she was going to get in a car accident and die on the way to her house. I always made sure that the last words I said to her were "I love you." Yes, I was a morbid child. I still am.

Yay I am caught up. Did I mention I am bored of this project? Oh well. I think I'll survive for 8 more days. Maybe. If not you'll feel bad that you ever made me do it. Kind like that whole day 21 scenario. Oh snap. I can't wait to get chocolate from you.

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