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30 Days of Truth: Day 12

18 January 2011
Something I never get complimented on.

My parenting skills. Because they suck.

For 3 years we've been trying to get Sparrow to stop screaming. He screams this high-pitched, glass shattering shriek when he's upset or sad or ANGRY. Which is usually at least 3 times a day. Sometimes he does it when he's happy but not as often, but for three years we've tried EVERYTHING to get him to STOP SCREAMING. Seriously, name a discipline method and we've tried it unsuccessfully.

On Sunday I told him that if he didn't stop screaming, a bear would come eat him.

I may be a horrible parent, but he hasn't screamed since.

4 comments to 30 Days of Truth: Day 12:

K La said...

I challenge. I've told before that you are an awesome mother. Remember when I first had Ash and I was in awe of your mothering skills? I totally compliment you on your parenting skills, because you are a good mom.

Hey, Have you ever watched Supernanny? I've just watched like 5 episodes. You should get her to come and make Toby stop screaming if that bear threat doesn't pan out.

Faiver and Andrea said...

That is hilarious!! It may just stick because you know how bears freak him out...at least that big stuffed bear did. :)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...


Leah said...

We tell Andrew all the time that we're going to sell him to the circus. He's on to it by now and the laughing seems to make him stop doing what he's doing.

I would totally be expanding on the bear thing. "Toby, bears have really good ears. When they hear little boys screaming, they get a hankering for a tasty treat."

But I'm awful that way. If you make it ridiculous, it's not against the rules. :)