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30 Days of Truth: Day 14

20 January 2011
Dear Betty White,

I used to be your biggest fan. I adore "The Golden Girls" and found your character refreshingly hilarious. I think you are a great actress.

But recently I read about you posing for a skanky calendar. And then I heard about you getting drunk on TV for your 80th birthday. And really, I'm just bummed. I think you have a lot of people who look up to you and who think you are great - and I don't feel like you're setting the greatest example for them.

I get that you aren't your character, Rose, but maybe you should be. I'm sad that my love for The Golden Girls is now tainted by your antics - which, let's face it, are just stupid for a lady of your age.


1 comments to 30 Days of Truth: Day 14:

Mrs. Small House said...

yeah, she's like America's grandma and no one wants to see grandma plastered. Maybe just a little tipsy.
Didn't she used to be a pinup or something? Or was this recent? Ew.