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30 Days of Truth: Day 15

21 January 2011
Something I couldn't live without.

Would it be dumb to say water?

No but seriously, I am a fish. I drink at least 125 oz. a day, often way more than that. I have a favorite water bottle that I carry with me pretty much everywhere. If I go longer than a half hour without a drink, I get sad. I'm not pre-diabetic or anything, I just love love love the taste of water. This has exceptions:

If I'm not in Utah, water is gross. Unless it's in one of those fancy Brita filters. But I hate those because they take a long time. For the record, my fridge has a fancy water-spitter-outter. And I adore it.

If I drink too much water on an empty stomach, I throw up.

Sometimes I just want something bubbly. Like a delicious caffeine free Diet Coke (which was the runner up for this topic, cuz baby, I've tried living without the brown stuff and I just can't do it. Yet. Someday, I'm quitting. But not today.)

My love for water is not only for the drinking kind. I also love to swim. Get me in a pool and I may never leave. I got in trouble on two separate camping trips because I didn't want to get out of the lake in which I was floating. Showers? Fabulous. I shower every single day without fail, and I'd shower twice a day if I could do it without my skin shriveling up and falling off. I try not to take very long showers but I'm definitely capable.

Hawk and I have stayed at the Anniversary Inn three times and every time I have checked the bathtub in advance to make sure it is going to accommodate my serious love of baths. Actually, the first time we stayed there I picked the room based on the bathtub alone. That was awesome - I took in a bath bomb and a bubble bar from LUSH and seriously, the bubbles got up to 5 feet high. I thought I was going to drown in awesomeness. I took so many hot baths that the hotel ran out of hot water. Not even kidding (although I wish I was, because it sucked to shower the next morning in ice cold water on December 24th.)

Anyway, water. Writing this post is making my thirsty and my trusty Nathan stainless steel waterbottle with a flip straw is empty. Gasp! Hooray for water!

Runner ups for this post include: my cats, books/reading, England, and sleep. Since the topic was someTHING I can't live without, I decided not to include people. Except the cats, because they are half thing and half people.

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