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30 Days of Truth: Day 2

08 January 2011
Something I love about myself:

I love my eyeballs. No really, my eyes are pretty and I am so glad that Sparrow inherited them!

I love my sense of humor. I can turn anything into a joke. I love that I can make people laugh. My favorite is making my mom laugh.

I love that I have goals and desires and that I truly want to achieve them and have plans for doing so (laziness aside of course). I like making lists and breaking my goals down into teeny tiny steps, and I think it makes my goals more achievable.

I love that I am a reading NINJA. I've read 6 books since Wednesday, most of them at 300 pages (except one.) I have plans to read another 2 books today. I love to read and I love the feeling of devouring well written words.

I love my freckles. And my eyelashes. And my eyebrows. And my hands. And my awesomeness. There, that about sums it up.

3 comments to 30 Days of Truth: Day 2:

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Holy crap! I thought I did pretty good reading a 300 page book in three days. I love your sense of humor too! You always make me laugh :)

K La said...

I love your awesomeness too