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30 Days of Truth: Day 4

10 January 2011
Something I have to forgive someone else for.

Hawk, for giving me this horrible cold which turned into another freaking lung infection. Hawk, I will never forget this.

I need to forgive Dove's husband, Dodo, for cruelly ripping her away and taking her to California, and I need to forgive Dove for liking California so much (though I always knew she would, darn it.)

I have been working on forgiving my parents. I think, to some extent, we all have to forgive our parents for not being what we wanted or needed at some point in our life. Yes? No? It's just a theory. I know Sparrow's going to need to forgive me, hopefully only for little things though...

You should never tell a person that they aren't smart enough to do something. Say your teenager wants to be a doctor. You don't tell them that they should go into nursing or be a lawyer because there's too much math involved in getting a medical degree. You say, "that's awesome, how can I help you achieve your goal?" Or, "good for you." Or just be quiet. If the teenager really can't handle that much math, she'll find out when she starts her pre-reqs for medical school and the decision will be her own and then she won't feel like you're telling her she's dumb every time she mentions her dream of doctorhood. Just sayin'.

Also, let's say your kid has been away for 6 months, somewhere like England or something. You shouldn't tell her the week after she gets home that she needs to move out as soon as possible because she's making her younger sister miserable.

Also, at some point every kid is going to feel like you have a favorite child and it's not them, but you can at least try to keep it from being blatantly obvious.

I get that I was a horrible kid, but sheesh. I do love my parents, and I have a great relationship with my mom now that I'm growed-up and have a horrible child of my own, but it was hard when I was a teenager. My parents are not perfect, (neither am I, not by a long shot) and that's what I am working on forgiving.

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