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What a week.

02 January 2011
How was your Christmas? Did you eat lots of delicious snacks? Did you party hardy? Did you enjoy yourself?

We had a good time. Nana gave Sparrow a Radio Flyer tricycle for Christmas and he loved it. He also loved the wooden stacking train Santa brought him. We sent an email out in November with "toy guidelines," which was awkward but I'm glad I did it. Basically we just asked our relations that if they were planning on buying Sparrow a toy (no pressure to do so at all) to please avoid toys requiring batteries and Disney/cartoon characters. Our family was very good to accommodate us (although Hawk's brother got Sparrow a huge dragon from "How To Train Your Dragon" but that's okay because we love that movie, and Sparrow loves the dragon and I may or may not secretly play with it after he goes to bed.)

Hawk's family gave us an amazing present and flew us to North Carolina for 4 days. We were able to go to Hawk's brothers wedding and spend time with the family. It was very cold, but we had a good time and enjoyed exploring where Hawk grew up (a town of 400 people near Eastern Carolina University.) We ate delicious eastern North Carolinian barbecue and fries from Bojangles (YUM!) and Hawk let me buy a shirt from Cato, a clothing store I love that has high quality clothes for cheap and of course they don't have a location in Utah.

Sparrow was an angel on the airplane which shocked all of us. He even regaled the boarding passengers with the Hallelujah Chorus which is his favorite song right now. We're starting to get sick of it.

We got home on New Year's Eve and are all tired and readjusting to normal life. I'm just proud of myself for actually cooking dinner tonight instead of making the boys fend for themselves or ordering pizza. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

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