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30 Days of Truth: Day 29 and 30

08 February 2011
Finally I will be done with this horrible thing. I should have chosen a better time to do it - I have lots of blog-catching up to do.

Day 29 is pick something you want to change about yourself. We'll forgo the obvious "I want to change my weight" and say, I want to change my allergies. I am sick of being allergic to healthy things. I bought 36 lbs of apples at our co-op the other day and turns out my allergies caught up to me and I am now allergic to this type of apple. It is a bummer. I am still eating them, it's just uncomfortable to do so. When my throat starts closing up I'll stop.

Day 30 is write a letter to yourself about things you love about yourself.

Dear Self,

I like that you are finally figuring out that if you go to bed earlier, you get to wake up earlier. Way to go! I like that you have a unique sense of humor that makes people giggle. Making people laugh is the bomb dot com. I like that you can make a joke out of everything - even when you are mad or upset or depressed, you can make it a joke and it gets better a little. I like that you are intelligent and that you can read crazy fast. I love that you used to write amazing things and I wish you would start doing that again. I love that you are relatively adaptable. I love your kid and how cute he is. I love that you are determined to change certain aspects of yourself. I love your evil laugh. I love your eyeballs. I love your cute thumbs. I love that you're not afraid to rock a crazy short hair cut. I love that you have dreams and goals and are actively going about achieving them. I love that you feel inspired so often. I love that you are finally done with this 30 Days of Truth!

1 comments to 30 Days of Truth: Day 29 and 30:

Stephanie said...

Oh I will miss your 30 Days of Truth and yes you rock the short hair cut! I love your hair!