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This kid cracks me up. Also, so does this cat.

16 February 2011
Here is Bamboo's favorite cat trick. He usually only does it if I am snapping and moving my fingers (like I do in the video) but sometimes he'll decide he wants up and jump on me. I'm lucky if I can catch him on those surprise attacks...sometimes it ends painfully.

He just started singing this yesterday. It took me a minute to figure it out, but I got it. Oh The Lion King, staple of my youth, the torch has now been passed. Carry it well, young Sparrow.

1 comments to This kid cracks me up. Also, so does this cat.:

Valerie said...

Sparrow is a cutie for sure!
Cute kid, cute cat...what I really wanna see more of is your family picture wall!!! I love it!