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Exercise sucks

19 March 2011
Exercise is not the answer, people.

Exercising HURTS. It makes your body HURT. It makes it hard to move. Exercise kills - for days. It doesn't feel good while you're doing it, it doesn't feel good the next day. It might feel good for about 3.5 seconds after you're done though. Till the tiredness gets you.

Exercising BITES. Cookies are the answer. Definitely cookies. Cookies make everything better.

I am boycotting exercise. I'd hold up a protest sign, but my arms hurt too much. Stupid exercise.

3 comments to Exercise sucks:

Stephanie said...

Exercise does suck sometimes but the more you do it, the stronger you become and the less your body hurts. Stick with it and soon you'll be able to lift your protest sign with no troubles at all :)

Mrs. Small House said...

I firmly believe there is no problem so big that cookies can't help just a little.
Unless you have a digestive disorder.
I have to agree with Stephanie though. I lost 30 lbs from running 2 years ago and I hate running, but my body started feeling so great it was worth it. I should remember that sometime....

Anna Marie said...

No, no, no...the trick is to find something to do that you enjoy that doesn't kill you! I have found that walks in the morning while listening to books on playaways from the library are perfect, because they distract me, and the walking is not too painful!
Cookies are awesome! I need to find a recipe using xylitol so I don't feel so guilty when I eat half a dozen at one siting. While I'm thinking about it, I'll just go grab one...a little one!