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Gardening Woes

22 March 2011
I would love to have a garden. Problem is, I have no space for one. At least, I don't think I do.

I live in a townhouse with a large backyard, but the yard is shared with the other 20 houses and their (many) dogs. It is mowed once a week by the HOA people, and that's why I don't think square foot gardening would work here. I think they would get mad at me for having containers out there. Theoretically, I could maybe do a container on my deck, but my deck isn't very big (6x6', maybe.) We live on the side of a mountain, and the sunlight can be tricky here too.

So here are my options. I could maybe do a container garden in this basin we have at the bottom of the yard. No one ever goes in there, it is full of weeds and dirt. The main concern I have about this is that occasionally, it does rain in Utah, and if it rains more than a day or two in a row then this area gets full of water. I joke that we have lake-front property sometimes, bahahaha. I crack myself up.

My other two options are to walk about a block away and go plant a sneaky garden over in an empty lot. See here:


Option 3 is to go behind our townhouses and plant a sneaky garden over here. See:


In any of these scenarios, I am going to have to do a garden cover with chicken wire or something, because no matter what, there will always be deer around here.

So what do you think? Is it possible for me to have a garden, or should I just give up until we move to a house with its own yard? I did post on a few national garden-sharing websites, so that might get me a gardening space, but... you never know. Thoughts? Ideas?

6 comments to Gardening Woes:

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Honestly, I'd just go with container gardening, which can be surprisingly productive. If you'd like some tips, I'd be happy to give advice.

Kourtne said...

Does anyone in your ward have space in their yard they could let you use?

K La said...

Love your pics. You crack me up.

I say: Nope. Krisling, make it EASY: Do Global buckets on your balcony. No weeding, no mess, no fuss. Your balcony won't be in the way of lawn mowers, drown in the rain, or be attacked by deer. It has no roof so it will get Max sunlight, AND it's right next to the kitchen so you can bring in your yummy vegis and eat them. YUM!


Mrs. Small House said...

When we lived in our condo we did window boxes and a few pots. And we got a surprising amount of food. Lettuce is your friend.
Do you own the townhouse? Why not bring up the idea of a community garden are your next HOA meeting?
Personally I wouldn't use the neighboring area because you don't know what's in the dirt and watering (think July) will be a problem.
I officially think I should come visit you. :)

Mrs. Small House said...

I just realized I should tell you what we grew! Lots of lettuce in window sill containers. Herbs. Tomatoes and baby carrots in pots. Radishes, bush beans, spinach, peppers, & you can do eggplant too (but I didn't).

ButtonGear said...

Here's an idea:

What we do in OUR ward is to arrange adoptable garden spaces. i.e. "Sister Deathbed can't care of her garden space anymore, would any families like to go and reap the fruits of of your labors in her garden this year?"

So who in your ward has a garden they are not using? That one of the sorts of things a ward is SUPPOSED to be for.