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11 March 2011
Sometimes I have goals that I just don't know how to go about attaining. Does that ever happen to you?

For example, I'd like to sing in a small group, quartet-y, mini-choir type thing. But how do I do that? Googling "small singing groups in Utah" is a little odd.

I'd like to learn French, Italian and German, but who am I going to practice with? I am so averse to Skype-ing random people in other countries it's not even funny. It freaks me out. At least with Spanish I have friends and family I can talk with and they can mock me and it's okay.

I want to run a 5K but it's got to stop freaking snowing. I am not running in the ice. And I will probably need to get a stroller so I can run with Sparrow, because I know me - I will not wake up early to exercise (ew!) and after Hawk gets home from work, I want to spend time with him, not go out on my own. The solution here is to make Hawk train with me, but he refuses to run and also there's the snow issue still.

Hey here's a goal I can attain. I need to decide before March 21 if I should have major, minor, or no surgery. We've prayed hard in this house, and are still praying, and I am leaning towards major. But part of my heart still cries out against it. Rat crackers. Being an adult is hard.

Ooh! Another goal I have is to figure out how to use my new phone. It's way cool but the user manual was useless and I have yet to have a moment to just sit and poke my way around this new piece of technology.

And I have a goal to train Sparrow to be a gentleman before I die. So maybe I will never die. Sweet.

3 comments to Goals:

Mrs. Small House said...

my thoughts on major surgery-if technology changed in 10 years (which it frequently does) would you regret it? Major surgery is always riskier than minor.
I hate being a grown up too. That's usually about the time I start flipping a coin (I'm serious). Good luck!

Amy said...

Try the BYU A Capella Club:

To learn a language, try Conversation Exchange:
or My Language Exchange:

To run a 5k...ok, I have no idea.

Leah said...

I would love to be in a small singing group too! You and I could rock some barbershop!

As for the rest, I have no idea. And on the surgery, I agree - maybe flip a coin.