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Self Injury Awareness Day

01 March 2011
March 1 is Self Injury Awareness Day. As many of you know, I used to cut myself in order to escape negative feelings and to punish myself for not being perfect. For the last year I have been going to counseling to try and uh, get over myself, to put it lightly, as for a while I traded one form of self injury (cutting) for another (disordered eating.)

Well I'm not cured. I've been working on quitting Self Injury for 5 years now, and I wish I could say that it's been 5 years since I last cut. The struggle will likely always be there, but now that I am older and wiser (?) I know that there are other ways to deal with my feelings. And I can honestly say that after not cutting for 4 years, going back to it that one time was pretty disappointing. Good.

Self Injury is a non-suicidal behavior. I think most people don't understand that. Cutting didn't mean I wanted to kill myself, it was just my way of coping with negative feelings and thoughts. The most I cut was in December of 2005, when I was struggling with being out on my own for the first time and feeling unwanted by my family. I didn't have close friends at that point, and I was pretty much alone. Gradually, as I made more friends and became more comfortable in my own skin, I was able to move away from self injury. But it's still a rocky road, even now. Those thoughts and feelings don't go away, but my ability to cope with them is changing.

Having support is key. Friends and family who care but don't judge or push you into healing - that's what helped me most.

A great website for help and information about self injury is here. I thought I knew everything about self injury but this website taught me some things. Check it out, in honor of Self Injury Awareness Day.

2 comments to Self Injury Awareness Day:

Stephanie said...

Happy SI day! Know that you are never alone. I think about you every day! We need to go to lunch soon. I miss you.

Mrs. Small House said...

It takes a lot of courage to blog about our personal struggles but I know it can help others. This isn't one of mine, but it always helps me feel better knowing everyone has their own pain and struggles. Thanks!!