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22 April 2011
Guess what - Ebates doesn't work if you forget to go through their website. Rats.

My friend Dove is here visiting from California and yesterday we drove to Park City, Utah with our wee ones. The reason for our journey? OUTLET STORES.

Despite Sparrow being a quintessential 3 year old (read: EVIL HORRIBLE NAUGHTY OH MY GOSH HE WAS A TURD), it was an awesome day. The weather was perfect, the prices were fabulous, and oh! The Gymboree outlet had my all-time favorite line of clothes in Sparrow's sizes.

I love these turtles for summer clothes. They are so cute.

Ideally I would be shopping at thrift stores or Walmart for Sparrow, since he's a kid and will outgrow stuff fast. But since he is my only child, I feel it's okay to go a little nutty every once in a while. And Gymboree clothes last forever and have good resell value. So we came away from the shops with Sparrow's summer clothes all set - he also got a pair of sandal-shoes and a new jacket (pictured above). It was a fun day. I'll have to stay away from Park City if I don't want Hawk to murder me, but I think a trip every six months or so will be fine. Right Hawk? Right???

In other news, I want to move to a small farm somewhere near Heber, Utah.

Heber City, Utah

I want to own chickens, a horse or two, and some goats. But mostly just the horses. Oh, and a dog. Yes, definitely need a dog.

Looking cute by the rug

This is a breed of dog called a Tamaskan. I want one. It's the closest to a wolf-dog I will ever get.

2 comments to Bummer:

K La said...

I thought it was an awesome day, too. And Toby was so good the night before, so he had to balance out. :) Actually, I thought he was just a normal 3 year old.

DID YOU SEE THE SWIMSUIT I GOT? It is so stinkin cute. It was a fantastic purchase, well worth it.

rneweyfamily said...

I definately think you should move up here to Idaho. We could have a lot of fun, you have the horses and I will share my eggs :)