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Clean enough to eat off of

08 April 2011
Yesterday I spent a good 3 hours scrubbing the holy-bananas out of my main level bathroom and our upstairs level.

Why do we have 4 bathrooms? We only use 3 on a regular basis and the 4th just sits in Sparrow's bathroom growing a moldy water ring (not sure how that happens but it's taken care of now, yessir.) Bathrooms suck. Uh, I take that back. It's snowing and I rather enjoy my indoor plumbing.

Anyway, our main level bathroom is quite tiny, but it packed a surprising dirt punch. Nevertheless, the toilet is gleaming, I scrubbed the walls and the baseboards and the floors and behind the toilet and the sink and blah blah. Upstairs I accomplished about the same thing, except that it doesn't look like I cleaned at all because the rooms are still a little messy and I didn't vacuum. But I did dust, scrub the doors and baseboards, windows, pictures, mirrors, etc etc. I am talking deep cleaning. It needed to be done really bad. Our bathroom had about an inch of yucky black dust behind the toilet. I do a double take when I walk in now because it's so clean.

Lest you get the wrong idea, I do clean. Regularly. Ish. I just kept putting off sweeping and mopping upstairs because I can never find the broom. But I do a general wipe-down/toilet scrub weekly. We do not live in filth. Mostly.

The weirdest places were dirty. Like the corners of the walls. I could not figure out why they were so dirty until I realized we have a feline who gets his lovin' from the walls and corners in general. At least, when he's not harassing us.

Anyway, it's all done now. Now I am moving on to the kitchen deep clean, and then down again to the basement deep clean. That's the one I am really dreading. Sigh.

I had to let Sparrow and Hawk know of my cleaning ninja-ness, and boy if they mess anything up, they are going to be sorry. I left these notes on the bathroom door at their respective eye levels. I hope they know I am deadly serious. Don't mess up my clean house, boys. You can be replaced you know.



I am very grateful we have such a beautiful home. It is very big and very spacious. Really, it's too big for us and I wouldn't mind moving to a slightly smaller home, but then I would have to move out of my fantastic ward and that would kill me. So we will stay here, probably until we can buy a house for real.

3 comments to Clean enough to eat off of:

Kourtne said...

I love your little signs. When my mom was growing up she and her sister came home from school and there was a sign on their bedroom door that said, "Welcome home little pigs" because they hadn't made their beds before school.

K La said...

giggle giggle

Mrs. Small House said...

Those signs are great!
Ah, spring cleaning.
I believe that you clean :) You'd think my house was cleaner in every corner, but I usually just get the basics. I pulled out my dryer last week and there was a family reunion of dust going on back there! I'm a party pooper.