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Couponing win!

18 April 2011
I am new to this coupon clipping business. I have read some blogs, and used some little coupons here and there, but today was the first day I had a win. Last week Family Dollar sent out coupons - buy 2 Betty Crocker baking mixes and get 1 Betty Crocker Cake/Brownie mix for 1 cent.

So I took a deep breath and loaded Sparrow up, and off we drove to Walmart. We don't have a Family Dollar nearby that I know of. Walmart had Betty Crocker cake mixes for $2.50 all the way down to muffin mixes (just add water) for 88 cents. I picked up 2 of the muffin mixes and a box of $2.50 brownie mix, and got all 3 items for less than the regular price of the brownie mix.

I don't know why I felt so awesome about it, but I am thrilled! The Walmart checker was very, very nice and helpful about getting it rung up for me. I like having just-add-water mixes because if the world ever ends or something, they will be great in an emergency situation. The brownie mix I keep around in case I ever have a chocolate craving on a Sunday when I don't like to go to the store. Also, they are great for emergency situations too.

Did you know you can add a can of black beans to brownie mix and make a decent pan of brownies? yep, it's true. Someday I'll post about it. Someday when I feel like eating brownies (or as I call them, "beanies.") Yum.

1 comments to Couponing win!:

Kourtne said...

Please do tell soon. I would love to know how to make brownies with a can a beans!