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19 April 2011
If you shop online ever, you really should check out Ebates. Trust me.

The first time you make a purchase on Ebates, you'll receive $5 automatically, plus a percentage of cash back depending on the store you are shopping at. I just bought a set of sandals for Sparrow and me and a pair of winter shoes for next year at Famous Footwear and I made 9.0% cash back. In the last few weeks I have saved $8 shopping through Ebates. It's totally worth it.

All I do differently is instead of typing the store I want to shop at directly in my address bar, I go to Ebates first and search to see if they have the store I want. If they do, I click on it and they send me off to the site, ka-ching! If not, well, no harm done.

It's not really making me thousands of dollars, but it is kind of nice to be able to say "yes, while I spent X amount, Ebates credited me back this much." I highly recommend it. Here's the link again, just in case you missed it the first hundred times :)

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