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I've caught a bug

11 April 2011
I think I've caught a bug. The quilting bug. It is a bad, dangerous bug to get under your skin. When I was working on this quilt, I told myself I would never, ever sew again. I was going to sell my sewing machine as soon as I was done with this project.


See, I've been carting this fabric around for 3 years now. I bought the fabric to make a baby sling for Sparrow when he was an infant. I've been working on the quilting process off and on for the last 2 years. The squares have been cut for ages, but only recently did I decide to actually start putting it together.


So thus you have my most recent finished product. It was a pain in the butt. I was not careful, precise, slow, or patient with it. Nope. But I don't care, I think it still turned out decent. And it's very comfortable and warm. Sparrow and the cats fight over who gets to cuddle with it.


This quilt is a twin size. I made it out of fabric from Hobby Lobby, 4 pairs of old jeans, and a full size cotton jersey knit sheet. I stuffed it with a duvet insert from IKEA. Ta da!


I think I will quilt again. But next time I will try to be more patient and careful. Patience is not my strong suit. Rats.

4 comments to I've caught a bug:

K La said...

That is amazing!!!

Kourtne said...

What a great quilt! Way to go.

Mrs. Small House said...

I especially love all those pockets and zipper parts from the pants. Adorable!!

Giggles said...

The quilting rule is that if you hang it on your porch and a man on a horse riding past at 10 miles an hour can't spot any errors, then they don't exist. Then they're just design decisions.

I'm off to buy fabric for another quilt today. It's my way of relaxing. Have fun with the bug!