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07 May 2011
I have been praying my guts out to not kill my kid this week, and I think it worked. The Lord had mercy on me and upped my patience level and/or worked some magic in Sparrow's brain. No accidents yesterday or today - and today we ventured out into the great wide world for 2 hours. It's the first time Sparrow has left the house in a week. Somehow in the last week, spring has sprung and winter is gone!

Of course, I say that, and tomorrow it will snow.

A potty trained toddler is the best Mother's Day present I can think of. I am officially done with diapers for the rest of my entire life. And if I was sad about my upcoming hysterectomy, this week taught me that really having more kids would be a terrible idea. Besides the fact that I'd probably die, I also don't think I could handle 2 Sparrows running around. Yikes.

A few weeks ago, Sparrow and I drove to Brigham City Utah (about 1.5 hours north of our home) with my grandma. We wanted to see the new Brigham City temple being built. Sparrow was so excited, but when we got there he was really confused. "Where are the walls? Where is Moroni? (The gold angel statue on top of most temples) Where are the doors?" It was pretty neat to see the temple in progress, but I can't wait till it's completed so I can take Sparrow to see the inside. When a temple is built, generally the public is invited to tour it before it is dedicated. After a temple is dedicated, only worthy Latter Day Saints over age 12 are allowed inside, unless a family with small children is being sealed together for eternity. Hawk, Sparrow and I will hopefully be sealed this December.

I am really bad at explaining church things, so if you would like more information visit mormon.org as they have an excellent website with tons of answers to pretty much everything you could think to ask.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our excursions.


Sparrow and his great grandma in front of the tabernacle.

The temple-in-progress.


2 comments to Hallelujah!:

De Anne said...

Potty training can be a lot of work, but so rewarding. Great job!

Congratulations on planning your sealing. What a great eternal blessing that will be to your family.

K La said...

His turtle sweatshirt is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And great job potty training! It takes you two weeks, it's taken me 19 months.