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19 June 2011
I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged. It kind of got to be one of those things where you remember you have to do something, then put it off for later, and then later comes, and you think "yikes, I really gotta take care of that!" and then like 12 years later you finally get around to it... sheesh!

In my defense, it's been a crazy and kind of rough month. Sparrow had a hard time readjusting to "real life" after living with Nana and his great-grandma for a week. I had a hard time learning how to parent again! We are just barely getting back into a real routine. For a while I was hanging in there by the skin of my teeth!

My recovery from the hysterectomy is going well. I took Sparrow to the zoo on June 6th and that was a very stupid idea. This kid kicked my incision while we were in line for the carousel (accident, but ah!!) and I had a hard time after that, but I can tentatively say that the pain I have been living with for the past 2 years is gone. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays gone! I still have a rough day every so often but for the most part, I am doing great. I can't wait till I get the all-clear from my doctor so that I can bike, swim, and lift things again!

Hawk's 3 year anniversary at his company was the first week of June. He was given a $300 gift card! It was very exciting. For Father's Day we used the gift card to buy a new TV. Our old one broke 3 days before my surgery and we have been using a borrowed 20 inch, very old yucky one. We bought an LCD TV and this is the first nice TV we have ever owned. We were very excited to play Super Mario Bros Wii today and actually SEE that Mario has hair! and you can hear the baseline to the theme music! And then we watched Tangled and it was beautiful. I'm glad we don't have channels because then the TV would be on all the time. I will have to be really strict about making sure Sparrow only watches one movie a day (or less!) (Apparently while he was at my mom's house he watched Kung Fu Panda 4-5 times a day. I almost died when I found out.)

I can't believe how big Sparrow is. He's less and less like a toddler every day. It's a little sad since I know he's our only and last. But I'm not going to lie - it's also pretty awesome. His potty training is complete (except not nighttime) and he's great! He's got a very cute sense of humor and he's so smart, it's scary. He's very affectionate and he loves us and of course we adore him. He also LOVES the cats. He spends lots of time outside on our porch with the kitties. Last night we had to pull some splinters from his foot and he was so brave! Poor kid. I can't believe he'll be 4 in just a few months. 4 year olds are like, real kids. Eek!!

So that's what we've been up to. Nothing too exciting. But stay tuned, because for my next post, I have an awesome giveaway planned. Prepare yourselves!! It's gonna be good.

Some pictures from the zoo:


(eee!! My favorite! Sparrow was not pleased that I spent about 10 minutes just standing there, staring at the wolves. It was so amazing, they were very active!)

Silly goobie. I love his hyper little guts.

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K La said...

Holy crap on a stick. Those pictures are beautiful