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Dear Mommy

26 August 2011

Won't you please update the blog?


Pretty, pretty please?


With sugar on top?




Conumdrums again.

01 August 2011
All our electronic items broke at the same time. I am displeased. I will be getting a new computer on Wednesday, but I'm not thrilled about shelling out the bucks for it.

My mom thinks Sparrow would be happiest in a preschool. I prayed about enrolling him this year, and got a pretty solid "not yet" answer. But as the time gets nearer for school to start, the less I feel good about that answer. He clearly needs something more than I can give him. And while I like having him home to fill his little mind with geekiness, I'm not exactly a good parent.

No it's okay, I've come to grips with that fact.

So the debate rages on. I have about a week to decide. Nobody ever warned me parenting would be hard in this way. (Guilt over getting rid of him for 5 hours a week. Come on brain, get over it.)