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Conumdrums again.

01 August 2011
All our electronic items broke at the same time. I am displeased. I will be getting a new computer on Wednesday, but I'm not thrilled about shelling out the bucks for it.

My mom thinks Sparrow would be happiest in a preschool. I prayed about enrolling him this year, and got a pretty solid "not yet" answer. But as the time gets nearer for school to start, the less I feel good about that answer. He clearly needs something more than I can give him. And while I like having him home to fill his little mind with geekiness, I'm not exactly a good parent.

No it's okay, I've come to grips with that fact.

So the debate rages on. I have about a week to decide. Nobody ever warned me parenting would be hard in this way. (Guilt over getting rid of him for 5 hours a week. Come on brain, get over it.)

1 comments to Conumdrums again.:

boogoogle said...

I've been butting heads with the same decision, except with a 2nd & a 1st grader. Ship them off to public school? Keep them home? Which would be better for the kid? Would it be good for me? Does that matter?

Can I keep sanity having them home ALL the time? Can I keep it if I let them go, or would it cause spontaneous hypocritical combustion?


Thanks for letting me vent here, since I haven't vented the quandary much anywhere else.

Good luck with everything. Let me know how it goes!