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Family Shrubbery

14 October 2011
Oh wise people of the Internets, I come to you with a question.

Let's pretend that you are making a family tree. A very small family tree that only goes back 3 generations. Something like this:

Or exactly like that.

Now let's pretend that your biological father was not married to your mother, and you didn't meet the man until you were 19 years old. Your mom raised you alone until you were 4, and then she married your dad, who formally adopted you (and was sealed to you in the LDS temple.)

But in the last 5 years, you have grown closer to your biological father than you ever were to your adoptive father. And consider that your biological grandparents (who, again, you have only known for 5 years) have been more supportive and amazing and...grandparent-like than your adoptive grandparents, who basically shunned you because you were technically illegitimate and also not of their race and who knows whatever other reasons they had.

So. You only have space for one male parent. You love and respect both of them, but your relationship is somewhat strained with both of them. Which one do you put on your tree? Or do you give up on the tree idea and go ahead and design a family shrubbery to display? Because I'm starting to lean towards that.

In other news, my brother was just called to the Perth, Australia LDS mission. He reports to the Missionary Training Center on February 29, 2012. I am so proud of him, and incredibly excited for him!

4 comments to Family Shrubbery:

Mama Michelle said...

I guess technically I would put your biological father because that is where your family line comes from. I was extremely happy to find my Dad's baby book while home in Seattle, and it traced back his family tree to the early 1700s, which was really cool. We don't know much about my Mom's side though.

Michelle said...

I think you should do whatever YOU want to do. If you want to include both, include both. If you want to include one, include one. I guess not having a father is not really an option when you technically have two ;) But designing an "out-of-the-norm" family tree is not a bad idea. Be original.

K La said...

Do you have to only post one? Can't you edit the tree. i think that tree is being very presumptuous.

ButtonGear said...

Caution: before you adopt a tree, check to see the kinds of nuts and fruits it bears.

... just sayin' ...