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The Articles of Faith as told by a 3 year old.

11 November 2011
Sparrow has a ridiculous memory. We tell him a story once, and he knows it for life. He could walk to my grandma's house, which we visit about once a month because it's 75 miles away. In fact, the other day we were driving there and I took a different way than I usually use. He FREAKED out. "Mommy, TURN LEFT. YOU DID NOT TURN LEFT. MOMMY GO BACK AND TURN LEFT." Holy cow.

My point is, since he has such a great memory, why not have him learn things that are actually important and not just... well... lame? I'm all for fairy tales, but really, what life value does The Itsy Bitsy Spider or Little Miss Muffet have? None. (And before anyone freaks out, we do tell him Aesop's Fables as bedtime stories, since those actually have a point.)

So earlier this year, I started teaching Sparrow The Articles of Faith. These are 13 short, short tenets penned by Joseph Smith Jr. about what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believes. To learn more about them, visit Mormon.org or this page has the actual Articles of Faith all listed out. It'll only take a second to read them.

Sparrow is so cute when he recites them that I decided to record him and put him on YouTube. He truly is already a little missionary, because he has taught and inspired me so much. I am so proud of him. We have Articles 1-6 and then 8 on YouTube and will upload the rest as soon as he learns them (I forgot to have him do #7 while we were recording, oops!) Number 4 is the longest, and I am really impressed that he has it down so well. If you only watch one, watch the sixth one. I just can't stand how cute it is.

This one is my favorite. He's just so stinkin' cute!

6 comments to The Articles of Faith as told by a 3 year old.:

Stephanie said...

That is seriously amazing! I can't even recite the Articles of Faith from memory! You and Nate are great parents and Toby is lucky to have you guys!!

Kestrel said...

I can't recite them either - or, I couldn't. I knew the first one and the 13th but that was it. That's why I say Toby is a great missionary, he's basically forced me to learn these suckers!

Tanya S. said...

I concur, that is so freakin' cute!

TheBigSamoan said...

Wow, are you kidding me? This child is amazing! Most adults in the Church can't even recite beyond the 1st article of faith let alone 8 of them. 3yrs old??? Gosh, I need some serious catching up to this kid.

Cindee said...

Thanks for sharing - Toby is darling. You will treasure these videos in years to come - my youngest son (now 9) pointed to the pictures of the 12 apostles & first presidency and named them when he was this age, I love watching that video now.

LCannon said...

That's incredible. I love the name tag and the little missionary theme going on. And his room. And your love for him. You guys are awesome!