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A Shark Story, by Sparrow

22 November 2011
Editors note: This child amuses me every day. "Sharks like chocolate chip and sprinkle cookies, and M&M cookies. They can eat pancakes all day. They are so so very tasty. Sharks taste some skunks. Sharks break your bed. And they break your sunglasses off. Sharks don't like sunglasses. Sharks don't like blankets and they don't want to sleep in the beds. They were touching the fireplace and they burned their tail! And they break the blinds and they push the other kids and they pushed you. Then the sharks ranned away! Wow! The sharks were pretend. They were pretend. Sharks like waterbottles. They drink it all day. They keep drinking it all gone and they ate it and then it went down to their tummy. They are so delicious. And they eat crackers. And they eat chips, and they eat spicy cheese. And good cheese, and potatoes, and broccoli trees. They ate it all up. And they were hunting for cheese sauce. They were cooking it. The little tiny wee sharks want to watch Phineas and Ferb. No, they don't like Phineas and Ferb. Maybe they can watch Balto, or Clifford. You're a nice mommy."

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