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Thankful List

24 November 2011
25 Things I Am Thankful For:
  1. Indoor plumbing.
  2. This is the first Thanksgiving in 3 years I haven't been in pain - yay hysterectomy!
  3. Hawk, who puts up with all my crap through thick and thin.
  4. My wonderful grandma.
  5. My practically perfect in every way mother.
  6. That I have been able to get to know my dad's side of the family.
  7. My brothers and sisters.
  8. Pie.
  9. My ability to read and write.
  10. Medicine.
  11. My best friends, Owly and Dove, who also put up with me through thick and thin.
  12. My cats - if nothing else, they are good entertainment.
  13. My Church family.
  14. The gospel.
  15. Music and a family who loves it.
  16. Air conditioning and heat.
  17. The Internet and all I learn from the people on it.
  18. My memories of England.
  19. Sparrow - although is a challenge, he is a wonderful little boy and a great example and motivator for me to do what is right.
  20. Hawk's amazing job and all the opportunities that lie ahead of us because of it.
  21. Health insurance.
  22. My Savior.
  23. That my family are all relatively healthy.
  24. Indoor plumbing again. Seriously.
  25. My home, my body, my life. And also, pie.

1 comments to Thankful List:

K La said...

I am thankful for you.