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Five Year Anniversary

06 December 2011
My husband is awesome
My husband is good
He lets me buy clothes
And feeds me good food

He makes phone calls for me
He puts up with my quirks
He drives me to doctors
And never calls me a jerk

He lets me make off
With most of his cash
But he still doesn't say
I'm a pain in the ash

He takes care of Sparrow
He cleans the litter box
He does not get mad
When I forget to wash his socks

He is handsome and strong
Brave, wise and true
And he never threatens
To lock me up in the zoo

He gives the best kisses
The best loves, tickles and hugs
He does not mind
When I make him smash bugs

We've been wed for five years
Five years ago today
And still he is beside me
He has not gone away

He is a great father
He is a great dad
But he is the BEST husband
And for that I am glad

From the tip of my head
From down deep in my gut
Husband I'll love you
Always and forever - No matter what.

3 comments to Five Year Anniversary:

Bethany said...

What a sweetie you are. :) And it sounds like Nate is a sweetie too!

Nate Irvin said...

Well I try :)

I love you dear! Happy Anniversary!

K La said...


Happy 5 years anniversary