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Santa pictures by Fotofly

08 December 2011
There's a company in Utah (based in Draper) called Fotofly. In June I was desperate to get Sparrow's pictures done. For his first year of life I did pictures every 3 months, with mixed results. I hate paying per sheet, not being able to buy a CD with the images on them, and not being able to run my pictures off without a copyright release (which will run you up to $300 at some major photography chains.) After Sparrow turned 1, I started doing pictures every 6 months. Except last June I had totally spaced pictures at all, so they ended up being his 3 year old ones.

We went to Kiddie Kandids first and the pictures turned out all right, but not great. You couldn't see Sparrow's devilishly angelic personality shining through, and honestly, Major Chain Photographers can almost NEVER get good pictures of Sparrow because he does not smile on command, or respond with smiles to funny things. Or look at the camera.

Enter Fotofly. This tiny company takes incredible pictures. For $79, you get a CD with the photography release form so you can get your pictures developed anywhere. But, Fotofly only charges $4 a sheet. This is an insane deal, especially if you are doing group photos (no sitting fees or per-person add ons.) Plus the pictures they take are just phenomenal. These pictures I got of Sparrow are my favorite ever. I mean, LOOK at this:



I love that you can see his beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, and beautiful hair ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It's like a miracle.

We are going back to their studio as a family next month to get family portraits done - actually our appointment is on Sparrow's 4th birthday! I am so excited. Even though Hawk and I are not thin, dead sexy people, Fotofly has some sort of photographical magic that makes even us look great!

So anyway, Fotofly has started doing pictures this month with Santa. You can dress up as Santa and get your photo taken with your child (the photo doesn't show your face, so it looks like a Real Santa.) Visual aid:



If you're uncomfortable with dressing up, they also have the Real Santa sitting in the tent standing by for pictures. So last week Sparrow and I went and I dressed up, and then yesterday Hawk, Sparrow and I went back and did our Christmas photos with Real Santa. It was $20 and these pictures, I just love them.



Fotofly is an amazing company. The owner is a very sweet guy and everyone we have encountered does everything they can to make your experience a great one. I highly encourage you to check them out. Trust me, it's worth a longish trip. For the Fotofly experience, I would gladly drive an hour, hour and a half, easy. Absolutely worth every penny and every mile. Fotofly has earned our business for life!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or offered any compensation for writing this post. I just love Fotofly that much.

5 comments to Santa pictures by Fotofly:

Tanya S. said...

Those are fabulous photos! The ones with Santa are especially cute!

Rebekah said...

Awesome! Those were great!

Valerie said...

Cute pictures! I've heard lots of good stuff about Fotofly...I think I'll use them for our next family pics.

Josh&Sharsti said...

I love those pictures, you all look great! what a clever idea to have the parent dress as Santa.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

GREAT photos!