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Christmas Recap

06 January 2012
We did have a Christmas, and I should probably write about it before Valentine's Day gets here.

On Christmas Eve we visited my grandparents.  Sparrow adores his great grandpa Dan.


After spending a little time with the grandparents, we went to a Christmas party with my other side of the family and ate the most incredible prime rib ever in the history of food.  There was also shrimp.  Oh, and games.  And family.  Have I mentioned the prime rib?  I should have taken a picture of it.

Then after a lot of playing, Hawk, Sparrow and I came back to our townhouse.  It was our first Christmas at home.


Sparrow asked Santa for a "Star Wars giant" this year.  Good luck figuring out what that meant.  After a month of questioning I still had no idea, so Santa settled for this Star Wars starfighter.


Best $10 I ever spent.


Aunt Owly sent Sparrow some Star Wars books, which he reads constantly.


Owly sent me a movie I looove (Rigoletto, a Feature Films for Families movie from the 90s) and this sign, which...


Wait a minute, OLDEST bestest friend?  As in OLDEST?!!!!  I will give her the benefit of the doubt, since she's four whole months older than me.


Bamboo was pretty excited about the frivolity on Christmas morning too.


Panda was just forlorn and confused - why would we open boxes instead of pet him?  Sigh.


Wearing our Christmas socks (mine have already saved my toes from frostbite like 87,000 times already.)


We gave Sparrow a ukulele.  He was over the moon with that and plays it every day. Of course, he plays it like a violin, since that's what he sees me practicing most often.  I'll have to pull out my guitar one of these days.

(Not pictured: lots of other awesome things, including the indoor trampoline with netting my mom gave Sparrow.  I'm not sure who loves it more, him or the cats.  It's pretty hysterical to watch them on it.  My mom also gave us a kitchen table which we desperately needed as every single dining chair we had was in pieces.)

Then we had an insane Christmas day that extended throughout the last week of December.  Lots of insanity and family and activities and messy houses and stress.  Sparrow is just barely starting to settle down from it all and I still feel like I need a nap.  Sheesh.

Next post:  2011 recap and a 2012 goal.  Maybe.  If I feel like it.


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