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Sparrow is funny

14 February 2012
I know it's Valentine's Day, but I kind of hate this holiday. It's always been a waste of time to me, even as a kid. Except for in 4th grade when my mom made me this truly EPIC Valentine mailbox. I wish we'd gotten a picture - it was a huge 3D Dalmatian made out of styrofoam. It was seriously awesome.

But Valentine's is so overrated, really. I'm not just saying this because I'm bitter that the grocery store was sold out of Reese's peanut butter hearts yesterday. I'm not just saying this because I had to wait in line behind thousands of husbands who were getting last minute gifts for their wives. I guess I'm kind of over American-ized, commercialized holidays in general, and Valentine's ranks only slightly below Mother's Day and Thanksgiving as useless excuses to buy more crap.

Anyway, lest I seem bitter, I do love my husband. A lot. And I'm glad he's mine. But I'm glad he's mine EVERY day of the year, not just on February 14th. Hmph.


Check out this hottie on the ropes course last week. He's so amazing.

In other news, I had a mild heart attack this afternoon when I uploaded pictures from my camera to the computer. I was going through the shots I've taken this week and there were several I did not remember taking. At all. "What the heck?! Am I going crazy?!"


Nope. Sparrow just found the camera and decided to take some artistic shots of my wall and himself. I love that kid. I'm kind of impressed he figured out how to turn the camera on, actually. Way to go smarty pants!

1 comments to Sparrow is funny:

Mrs. Small House said...

Oh seriously!
I really dislike Valentines Day.
A lot.
Ok, fine, I HATE it.
But I get so negative about it and the commerciali$m - I've gotten in arguments on facebook - that I try to keep my mouth shut.
Nice to find another kindred spirit though.
oh, and ditto on "we stole your land and killed your people" day of gluttony.