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1940s Awesome Facts

15 March 2012
Did you know that some intensely cool things happened in 1940?

According to Wikipedia, Chuck Norris, Michael Gambon, and Patrick Stewart were born in 1940. What would the world be like without Patrick Stewart? Not a world I want to see, let me tell ya. Professor X is my favorite, but I love Jean Luc Picard too. Make it so!

John Mahoney, who played Frasier's dad Martin on Frasier, was also born in 1940. Did you know he is British? I had no idea. James Caan, James Cromwell (the farmer guy in Babe), Al Pacino, and Rene Auberjonois were also born in 1940.

In the televised world, the color television was first introduced in 1940. Hockey and basketball games were televised for the first time.

Disney released Pinocchio and Fantasia (which was originally very poorly received.) Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd were first introduced, and Robin teamed up with Batman for the first time.

The Nobel Prize was not awarded in 1940 due to World War II. In addition, the Olympics were canceled for the same reason. The 1940 Summer Olympics were scheduled to be held in Tokyo, which was later changed to Helsinki. Then the Olympics were canceled altogether. The Winter Olympics were going to be held in Sapporo, Japan.

I wonder how bleak the world seemed to people back then. I know I often feel like the world now is terribly depressing and difficult - I can't imagine facing a war on the scale of World War II every day. The people who lived back then are my heroes. How brave can you get - going through the Great Depression, maybe even World War I, and then BAM it's 1940, let's fight another world war!

You know another reason the 1940s were a great decade? My grandma was born in 1946. And she's my favorite person in the universe.

Are you wondering why I've gone off the deep end about the 1940s? Well, I signed up to be a Blog Ambassador for the 1940 Census Project. On April 2, 2012, NARA will make the 1940 Census available online. That means it's going to be about 100 times easier to work on family history projects! You can also sign up to become a 1940s Blog Ambassador. They have some sweet prize giveaways, so I highly recommend it.

3 comments to 1940s Awesome Facts:

Michael Pierce said...

Nice post (and great looking blog). Huck Norris and Bugs Bunny in the same decade, amazing!

I wrote about technology in my post. If you have a minute, stop on by!

Mrs. Small House said...

I am so doing this.

K La said...

No, I had no idea he was British. Wow!