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The Plague

07 March 2012
An unheard of event has occurred in our house.

Hawk, Sparrow and I are all sick at the same time.

It is not fun. I do not like being sick at the same time as my son. I can't take care of him as well as I'd like. Hawk got sick first, and I thought he just had a small cold. Then I got it.

This is no small cold. This is the plague.

We didn't realize Sparrow was sick until Saturday. He coughed a little bit last week, but I thought he was mimicking his daddy. Then on Saturday he spent 4 hours lying on the floor in the living room, staring up at the ceiling. Not moving. The child hasn't stopped moving since he was conceived. He must have felt really, really awful.

Sparrow has only ever been sick once before, and even then it was just a 2 day cold. Pretty amazing when you consider he was born in the middle of RSV season and was a preemie. And that I didn't even think about germs when he was a baby and we'd go to playgrounds or play-places all the time. And when you consider that I basically have no immune system, so I catch everything, but he's never caught anything from me. (Hear that, Hawk? It's still your fault for bringing this home!)

Hawk and I were hooked up with antibiotics on Monday, but we just have to keep an eye on Sparrow. Luckily he seems to be back to normal, apart from the cough.

So we've spent most of our week watching movies and napping. It has been a very, very boring week. We are all dying to get out of the house and do something other than go to a doctor. Maybe by Friday...

1 comments to The Plague:

Mrs. Small House said...

We've had it too. I'm trying really hard to not think about how much Netflix has been watched this past week.
Hope you guys feel better soon.