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William Joseph concert - GIVEAWAY PARTY!

30 March 2012
So the other day, I totally won tickets to a private, in-residence concert at a fancy, fancy house.

It was really cool. Even cooler was that the concert-guy? Was William Joseph, an INCREDIBLE pianist who I didn't even know was LDS until his latest album, Be Still: A Collection of Beloved Hymns, was released. I don't know why I didn't know that. Probably because I am an oblivious dork. By the way, you can click on that link and it will take you to a page where you can listen to samples of the CD.

So, because it's been a barrel of laughs around here between losing our home and my last post on infertility(kind of) and Sparrow's stress-inducing antics, I was really thrilled to win these tickets. I needed a Win, guys. I needed one bad.

William Joseph did not disappoint. Now, call me crazy, but it was either go by myself or make my husband and Sparrow come with me. And I was terrified of going alone because then I'd really look like a dork. So I grabbed the family and off we went. When we got there, the guest musician, a violinist named Aaron Ashton, was carrying his stuff in from his car and needed help. So Hawk and I grabbed a box each and carried his stuff. And then I didn't even get a picture of myself carrying a famous guy's stuff. DANG IT.

I didn't realize Ashton was a violinist until, well, he played his violin. And then I peed my pants. I just started learning the violin in October, and I quit practicing back in January. I even put it behind my piano so I wouldn't have to see my case staring at me, inducing guilt. Well, crap. Because Ashton's performance was so amazing and inspiring, now I have to start practicing my violin again. To see if I can get even half as good as he was. No, I probably can't make it up to half. Maybe 1/4th as good. This guy was insane. His fiddling skills were beyond insane. His improvisation skills? Hawk had to peel me off the ceiling.

P1090107 Aaron Ashton

You could really sense the connection William and Aaron had. They played a song they totally made up ON THE SPOT and you could feel the silent communication working between them. It was so, so cool. I was really mad my camera was out of memory by that point, because the improv-ed song they did was my favorite part of the concert.

P1090095 William Joseph and Aaron Ashton

William was SO down to earth and honestly, he was basically hilarious. He told a story about when he was a teenager, playing piano at a wedding (which took place in a mall... Hawk, think of all the free stuff we could have got!) and he accidentally segued from the bridal march into the Star Wars theme. At that point, I was sold. William Joseph likes Star Wars? Well then clearly we are meant to be new best friends.

P1090085 He told lots of awesome stories.

I really don't know what to say about the music other than that it was truly phenomenal. I couldn't see him playing, because we sat in the back near the door in case we had to make Sparrow take a quick exit, but it didn't matter. It was just incredible. I can't even describe it. Sparrow actually held still and listened to several of the songs, which I did not think could ever happen. My autistic spectrum son sat still and paid attention to classical music. Miracle? Yes. Yes it was.

Sparrow's favorite part was "the piano. And the violin." And so was mine. I loved every second. It was a great experience and I am so glad I got to go.

P1090066 William Joseph, me, Sparrow and Hawk.

Now, I will shut up and tell you even awesome-r news. It's time for a giveaway! William Joseph's latest CD, "Be Still," is up for grabs. Comment on this post and I will choose a winner on Monday, April 2. At 3:02 pm Mountain Time. Maybe. If I remember. But definitely on that day.

The CD is awesome, by the way. It is a collection of classic hymns, my personal favorite of which is "Come Thou Fount of Ev'ry Blessing." I have heard this music for reals, as a CD and IN REAL LIFE. And both times I was in love. So there you go. Totally worth a comment. Now go out there and WIN SOME STUFF. And if you want another chance to win, go here. Stepper reviews everything way better than me anyway.

I was provided the concert tickets and the CD for this review/giveaway by Mormon Mommy Blogs. And after this experience I decided MMB can send me to anything they want. I will gladly go. And it would be awesome if they could give me a good camera so all my pictures don't totally suck next time. Sigh.

7 comments to William Joseph concert - GIVEAWAY PARTY!:

Amy said...

I'm the first one...that's gotta count for something! I love William Joseph. I didn't know he had a church cd out. That makes me happy! Glad you got the break you needed.

Bethany said...

I've never heard of William Joseph, but sound like I should check him out! (That means I should win the cd, by the way.) :)

ladyxwolfxkaori said...

I've heard of William Joseph, but hadn't heard his music before. Didn't know he was LDS!

pamthecouponqueen said...

It was wonderful! We were there as well, right behind him, literally! We got to see his hands flying across the piano. We were the ones that while he was speaking, he caught my eye and remembered me meeting him the day before. He commented on the fact that I had brought my daughter, whom he had talked to (on my cell phone) the day before too. He is a very kind and talented young man!

K La said...

He started off playing the wedding march and ended playing Star Wars? How come YOU didn't march down the isle to that song? Does he have that song on a CD?

Mrs. Small House said...

I LOVE piano music :) I also love giveaways!

rneweyfamily said...

Oh man! I totally just read this. Even though he picked 6, maybe I could have been number 6 if I'd stopped by here sooner. Oh well. Sounds like you had a great time.