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Because my Facebook friends are getting annoyed

06 April 2012
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is on Instant Netflix. I have been making Sparrow watch it with me. We love it. Sparrow now has two My Little Pony toys. I remember getting the My Little Pony Wedding Pony when my mom and dad got married. I loved those stinkin' toys. Oh, memories.

If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a job, 1-800-Contacts in Draper, Utah is an absolutely incredible place to work. They are hiring computer programmers like crazy right now and if you put Hawk's name as your referral we will split the $5000 referral bonus with you. If you are interested contact me at krisis86 at gmail dot com for more information. They are hiring for other positions too but the referral bonus is not as awesome.

I have been dying, DYING DYING to go on a rampage on the Internet to post about the owner of this house and what a complete and total jerk he is. Like how he won't let us out of our lease a month early because he's a money grubbing dirtbag who is using our rent for drugs and prostitutes. But I have been really good. We have also met some extremely shady rental agents, and I have some serious anti-recommendations for people.

I would like to know why we as a society cannot invent magical weight loss cookies. If we can invent Viagra, can't we make magic weight loss cookies? Why not?

One of the only reasons I am excited to move is because it means we get to get rid of crap. I love de-cluttering. I love having no stuff. Hawk does not. But he doesn't have to know mwahaha.

My brothers on their missions are doing extremely well. Tony has been gone for 10 months and has changed so much for the better I can't even believe it. Paraguay has done some amazing things for him and I am excited to re-connect with him when he returns because we weren't very close before.

Elder Trevino wearing a bird. Oh, Elder Trevino, you are looking so good.

Daniel, on the other hand... HE'S ONLY BEEN GONE FOR A MONTH. Guys, it's killing me. I can't believe it's only been a month. I miss him so freaking much. Of course, he's doing amazing but there was never any doubt of that. He has still not seen a kangaroo but he's working on it. Hawk and I want to pick him up from Australia in 2014 (HOLY CRAP SO FAR AWAY) but I don't know if I can handle that flight. I think it would end me.

025 Photo courtesy of Fotofly.

Sparrow is turning into a small man-child and it is scaring the pants off me.


My poor, poor Grandma had her knee operated on last week and she is in a lot of pain. I wish I could help her out more but for now we are keeping our distance because Sparrow does not know the meaning of the word "gentle." She had her knees done so that we can go to Europe together next year and I don't have to listen to her whine about the stairs all over the place. I love that woman. She's going to murder me for posting this but here's a picture of her with her physical therapy graduation shirt after she had her other knee done back in January.

053 (2) I love you Grandma, please don't kill me.

1 comments to Because my Facebook friends are getting annoyed:

Kristin said...

I have some great memories of 1-800-Contacts. I worked there as a customer service rep when there were only 16 of us taking calls. I even wrote their first customer service handbook! Do Jon and John still run everything?