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Boys are people too.

11 April 2012
In which I complain about boy's clothing.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I really hate the offerings for boy clothing. On the one hand, if I had a girl I would be totally broke, because girls have SO MUCH to choose from and so many things are cute and sweet. Boys clothes though...

Why do boys have to be clothed like toughies?

Sparrow doesn't like sports. There go 25% of our clothing options right there. I don't like him to wear clothing with characters on it because I don't like my son to be a walking billboard. There goes another 10%.

Pirates are not allowed in my house. I do not understand the pirate love - why are we glorifying dirty, murderous law-breakers? My son is 4 years old. Why in the world would I want my 4 year old to wear skulls and crossbones? Or skulls, period? For this same reason, I don't allow skater clothing. Skater culture is not something I want my son to emulate (although I admit at one point in my life, I totally wanted to be a bad-a** skater girl.) I also don't like the current trend of dressing your kid like a little rock star. I am totally cool with music, but I am not okay with "I'M A ROCK STAR WORSHIP ME" that seems to be the trend right now.

Sparrow does not like dinosaurs. They scare him. He doesn't like sharks or bears. He doesn't like scary, mean looking animals. And neither do I.

I don't like clothing with words on it - stuff like "Mommy's Little Mucker" or "Daddy's Dude." It's okay, but I don't really like it (and it makes taking pictures hard, because i feel like the words distract from Sparrow's face.) I absolutely refuse to buy anything that says "Daddy/Mommy's Little Man." My son is not a little man, he's a little boy. I would never call my daughter "little woman," that's derogatory.

So out of the clothing that's out there, I like maybe 5-10% of it.

Sparrow is a sweet boy. He adores kittens and horses. Do you think it's possible to find any boy clothing with cats or ponies? Well, it is, but you have to special order them, and I can't really afford that.

I admit, I am extremely picky. And I will probably have to relax my standards as Sparrow grows. Right now we still have a few options available at places like Gymboree and Crazy8. Sometimes I can find cute things at Target, but most of the items there are character clothing. Or the trendy color of orange, which clashes horribly with Sparrow's hair. I realize that as he grows up, Sparrow's clothing options are going to be more "adult," and more "skater-y." And I also know that he will probably want to pick out his own clothing eventually and he might want characters on his clothes.

But I wish that boys had more options. I wish they had cuter options, rather than "tough" or "cool" options. And I really, really wish that people would get over the gross zombie craze. Because I understand zombies even less than I understand pirates. Why? Why?

This post brought to you by my lack of clothing options for my poor, nearly naked son. And a new children's picture book that came out about a zombie, which looks horrid and makes me question the purpose of human existence.

4 comments to Boys are people too.:

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

We are having the same trouble! We are having to resort to farm/ranch clothes. At least my 5 year old doesn't mind having tractors on his clothes.

Bethany said...

I'm right there with ya. I like all my kids to wear ... boring clothes I guess. For Jeffy, just the basic polos and button-up shirts, no graphic tees,etc. And the girls same thing- nice little blouses and such. Unfortunately, character-themed are everywhere, so they tend to get them as gifts. I don't prefer them, but I'm not as violently opposed as you are. :)

I have found some great things in the kids section of k-mart. That's actually where I've gotten most of their new clothes the last few trips. Good luck and never give in! :)

And I agree with the zombie thing. Yuck, and why?

Mrs. Small House said...

yeah. My son pretty much wears jeans or athletic type pants with either solid shirts or if stripes.
I've gotten creative and painted with fabric paint too. Since my wardrobe primarily consists of jeans and tee shirts as well, I have to admit I don't give it much thought.
But I don't like the options for kids clothing these days either, for both genders. Luckily they don't know who most of the characters are so I don't hear any begging.

rneweyfamily said...

I agree with you. After 2 girls and then a boy, I wonder how to dress him. Luckily I've been given some clothes that aren't too bad. I love dressing him in button up shirts and polos, just like his dad wears.